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Cafe Blinds are a great asset to a home or business as you can make an outdoor area into another sheltered and protected room - perfect for windy and rainy days or to block out excessive UV rays.

At Victoria Blinds we supply a range of cafe blinds that remain taut, clear and aren't prone to discolouration. We have blinds that have marine grade zips that enable the blind to function even if a tooth is broken, anti-static PVC and colours that will suit any decor and application.

Benefits: Give protection against rain, wind and sun so you can enjoy your outdoor living area.

Material: Marine grade PVC in transparent clear, tinted UV and colours. Acrylic and canvas

Operation: Motorised or manual.  Rope and pulley or retractable. Marine grade zips for opening and closing, safety straps to make it rigid in mild winds and prevent movement at the bottom of the rail.

For more information on our cafe blinds, contact our friendly and professional staff. We can provide you with a free measure and quote for your needs. We also have a range of  outdoor awnings which can complete any outdoor area. 

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