Geelong Outdoor Awnings and External Blinds

Outdoor awnings and blinds give you control over how the weather affects your home or office allowing protection from a passing shower or the heat of the day. It is as simple as unrolling the awning for protection and shade.

At Victoria Blinds we offer a large range of awnings from the traditional hooded guide awning to the more advanced folding arm awning system. Awnings are an effective way of stopping the sun before it hits the window or sliding glass doors of your home or office. This means you save on air conditioning costs as it will keep the indoor temperature cooler. They can also prevent carpet and furniture from fading in the sunlight.

Awnings provide a sheltered place for children and pets to pla,  as they are shielded from rain or too much sunshine, providing a protected outdoor area.

Benefits: Saves on energy costs – cool in summer, warm in winter.

Fabric: Fabric for awnings comes in a wide range, complementing both the modern and traditional home. Take a look at heavy duty canvas awnings for maximum sun blockout protection, or choose from our screenview fabrics enabling you to view outside, whilst still blocking out the harmful rays.

Operation: Awnings can operate on a manual system, or can be motorised using advanced Somfy technology.

Types of External Awnings

Hooded guide awning – Ideal for over windows or doors. They can be crank handled operated or motorised and come in a range of fabrics.

Advanced folding arm awning – These are retractable fabric shades which extend out from a building and can be set at any angle between vertical and horizontal. They do not need posts or vertical supports so the area can remain clear and unobstructed. They are ideal for outdoor entertainment areas including pools, cafes, courtyards and gardens.

Contact Victoria Blinds Geelong for our range of outdoor awnings and external blinds. We are sure to have the right style and fabric for your requirements. If you are looking for indoor window furnishings see our range of Geelong plantation shutters and blinds.