Blinds are a popular window furnishing as they are durable, affordable and can easily match the look of your home or office with a great variety of fabrics and material you can choose from to suit your style. We’ve put together some tips that can help you when choosing your blinds.

  1. Work out your budget. Blinds can be a cheaper and as effective alternative to curtains and drapes.
  2. Select your blind – vertical or horizontal. This depends on the window size, room placement and personal taste. Horizontal blinds are good for bedrooms as they block out more light, vertical blinds are often best for oversized windows as you can custom order them in most sizes. Horizontal blinds can be heavy and hard to operate on long windows so vertical can be a more practical option.
  3. Select your material. Some blind fabric is sheer which can allow the light in when partially open whereas venetian blinds can come in wood or aluminium. Buy blinds that complement your decor and look best in your room.
  4. Measure your windows. Take precise measurements or get your blinds from a business that gives a free measure and quote.
  5. Look at getting blind accessories such as valances which add a classy look to vertical and horizontal blinds. Motorised blinds are easy to operate with a remote control and are safer around children than blind cords.

Make sure you get the best Geelong blinds for your home or business. They not only look great, they can save on energy bills and add to the value of your property.